Renowned Cybersecurity Expert, Author, and Researcher

Dr. Magda Lilia Chelly, a PhD holder in Telecommunication Engineering, is a globally renowned authority in cybersecurity, a successful entrepreneur, a sought-after keynote speaker, a strategic advisor, and an author. She contributes her deep knowledge and insights through various mediums, including books, a highly impactful blog, and the platform Medium, reaching a wide audience and shaping the narrative around cybersecurity.

Further enhancing her credibility and influence, Dr. Chelly regularly publishes research articles, offering new insights and knowledge to the cybersecurity field, and contributing to its continual development. She has a firm commitment to ongoing learning and research, ensuring she stays at the forefront of her field and is able to provide the most current, evidence-based advice and guidance.

Books by Dr. Magda Lilia CHELLY

Dr. Chelly is the author of numerous books that cater to different aspects of cybersecurity and risk management. These works are lauded as key resources for individuals and organizations seeking to navigate the complex cybersecurity and risk landscape.

Articles and Research Publications

Dr. Chelly has contributed significantly to many publications worldwide, and has authored white papers for numerous high-profile organizations. Her research articles, grounded in rigorous academic study, contribute fresh insights and developments to the field of cybersecurity.


Dr. Chelly maintains an influential blog, a hub of knowledge, where she deftly shares her insights and observations within the ever-evolving cybersecurity field. This platform serves as a crucial resource for businesses, industry professionals, and even individuals keen on digital safety, helping them understand and proactively respond to the changing landscape of cyber risks. The topics she tackles range from in-depth analysis of the latest cybersecurity threats and breaches, and discussions on risk management strategies, to providing actionable advice on implementing robust cybersecurity measures.

Medium Blog

Dr. Chelly extends her thought leadership and knowledge sharing to Medium, a platform renowned for its rich content and diverse reader base. Her Medium blog encapsulates her extensive expertise in cybersecurity, shedding light on a wide range of topics.

From exploring emerging cyber threats and delving into intricate cybersecurity concepts, to providing pragmatic advice for businesses and individuals alike, her blog has become a vital resource for anyone seeking to stay informed and protected in this digital age.

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