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Blue Personal Objects
Blue Personal Objects

Magda obtained a PhD in Telecommunication Engineering issued by Telecom SudParis and speaks 5 languages fluently. Magda’s research topics have been focusing on cybersecurity, the future of localisation and positioning, education and more. Her research works and writings around cybersecurity have been featured by IEEE, RSA Conference, CYBERSEC, World Congress on Internet Security (WorldCIS-2016), and CYBER RISK LEADERS Magazine, among others.

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Magda's many appearances discussing cybersecurity on national and international TV, Radio, and News Magazines have raised her profile as the media's go-to expert on subjects requiring accurate yet straightforward insights on cybersecurity topics.

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Cyber Awareness

Cybersecurity is a Social Responsibility

Focusing on security is a social responsibility every company should take to protect its consumers and its data, for the benefit of all.

Blue Personal Objects
“Magda's wealth of experience, especially her recent role in measuring cyber security risk in monetary terms for the Insurance sector will be a real asset to any company looking to find a way to manage cyber-risk meaningfully in a way that the board can understand.
I just hope that I get a signed copy of her book which she will inevitably publish one day!"
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